15 February, 2007

A Yummy Valentine

My godmother had quite the Valentine's Day yesterday with someone putting lots and lots of toys all over her desk! There were also some scary monsters that she kept calling "balloons" all over the place. All they seemed to do was just stay in one place, but I wasn't convince that they wouldn't start attacking any second...their stillness had to be some sort of deception. We got through the entire day without them attacking though, so I guess they're ok.

My godmother was really great though cause she ended up letting me play with one of her toys that was on her desk! It was a rose covered heart, and I had SO MUCH FUN tearing into it. It felt so satisfying to be able to tear out all the little roses and then chew up the styrofoam. I left quite a mess :-) But no one would let me actually eat the roses so that was sad.

10 October, 2006

Play Time!

Since I hang around the office all day, I sometimes get a bit bored (I mean, really...you can only sleep so many hours of the day!)...but to relieve my boredom I get lots of fun toys to viciously tear apart...I mean play with! Usually said toys don't last too long before I shred them and start flinging the toy stuffing all over the studio. My favorites are the ones that have a little squeaky in the middle...I'll dig and dig until I've pulled the squeaky out and then I get to chew and make noise, all at the same time! Of course, getting to play tug with the toys is also a ton of fun :)

29 September, 2006

I'm back!

So I took a bit of time off from this blog (mainly cause my godmother has been lazy)...but I'm back! Better than ever!! And to start things rolling...here's a more recent picture of me (since I'm not the puppy I was when the previous pictures were posted on this blog!).

05 June, 2006

My owner is going to Greece!

This will be my first time spent away from my owner and I know that he's freaking out more than I am.

Stay tuned to see bits and pieces of his trip to Greece and some really cute pictures of me while he's gone.

02 February, 2006

mmm, cardboard

Today I feel a bit cooped up at my human's work...it would nice to romp and play, but no...can't do that around here. Instead I decided that it would fun to eat and chew on all the cardboard boxes I could find. My favorite boxes to gnaw on are the ones under the table because then I can hide from everyone and chew in private! Well, at least until my godmom realizes what I'm up to and chases me out.

31 January, 2006

Finally a picture!

Well Guster, here is a picture of myself, as you suggested. I feel that this one is a particularly dashing representation of my younger self from a few months ago. Of course, since this photo was taken I have matured a bit. But for the first image to be placed on this blog, I felt that this one would the best.

On another note, I have recently become quite attached to taking naps in the blue cloth under the big printer at work...dad doesn't think it's such a good idea, but I keep trying to do it anyway. My godmama, Oona, thinks it's cute...and I do so love to look cute :-)

04 January, 2006

Things I love

As a care free puppy, there are many wonderful things in this world that bring me fun and entertainment. Here is a small list of a few of these things:

- cardboard
- mr. froggie
- bones
- food
- food
- more cardboard
- even more cardboard
- tea bags
- belly rubs
- did I mention cardboard?